What’s a Birth Doula?

Historically, the responsibility of a “doula” was that of sisters, mothers, aunties; women who were part of the community and experienced in the journey of pregnancy, birth, and baby care. A birth doula is a labor support person who attends to a birthing family’s emotional and physical needs before and during labor and birth. A birth doula does not replace your medical caregiver (midwife or doctor) or your birthing companion, but rather helps that companion become involved in the birth to the extent that he/she feels comfortable. As a doula, we’re here to provide you with the support you need during this special time in your life. While your healthcare provider focuses on the health of you and your baby, we focus on everything else that comes with becoming a new parent (or a parent again!) and help to address any non-medical related concerns. Our goal is for you and your family to have a calm, comforting, and positive experience, no matter what your birth plans may be.


Holistic Full Spectrum Doula

Just as we prepare & support mothers Spiritually, Emotionally & Physically during pregnancy for labor and birth. We assist women in all phases of their life, preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, abortion, bereavement, adoption, surrogate, menopause, etc…


Why a S.H.E Doula?

Pregnancy is a Spiritual,Physical & Emotional journey of transformation into Motherhood. Before we knew that some choose being a doula as a career, we were doulas to our friends and sisters. From our core, we support, empower, educate and honor mothers through the process. It is our greatest hope that the families we work with feel the spirit of that intention.

Continuous labor support has consistently been shown to improve birth outcomes. The doulas at Sacred House of Eden combine unique backgrounds in Full Spectrum Doula support, peer counseling, health and wellness coaching, energy healing, childbirth education, and doula training to assist their clients with having empowered, satisfying, safe, and joyful birthing experiences. We believe in allowing the body to work naturally and at its pace in order to provide mom and baby the best birthing experience.

Our doulas believe strongly that every family deserves to write their own birth story. Our doulas will help you understand all your birthing options, then help you create the conditions and strategies most aligned with your preferences.

S.H.E Doula Package Options


We provide 4 labor support and postpartum packages, should you want to add to your package please be sure to check under our Offerings tab for individual prices for add ons of your interest.

Mother Nature

  • (2) 2hr prenatal visits

  • Full continuous labor support

  • (1) 3hr postpartum visit (Day 3)*

  • TENS Unit/ Exercise Ball Rental

  • Phone, Text, and Email support as needed up to 2 weeks postpartum

    *This package is available to families who have already experienced a labor, parents planning a repeat cesarean, clients who are looking for birth only support; and/or returning clients.

Mother of Pearl

  •  (4) 2hr prenatal visits

  • Full continuous labor support

  • (2) 4hr postpartum visits (Days 3 & 7)*

  • Essential Oil Starter Kit

  • Nature Sunshine prenatal bundle

  • TENS Unit/ Exercise Ball Rental

  • Blessingway

  • Phone, Text, and Email support as needed up to 4 weeks postpartum

Pink Lotus

  • (4) 2hr prenatal visits

  • Full continuous labor support

  • (3) 4hr postpartum visits (Days 3, 7 & 14)*

  • Postpartum Belly Binding

  • Essential Oil Starter Kit

  • Nature Sunshine prenatal bundle

  • TENS Unit/ Exercise Ball Rental

  • Blessingway

  • (1) 60min prenatal massage

  • Phone, Text, and Email support as needed up to 6 weeks postpartum

Sacred Garden

  • (4) 2hr prenatal visits

  • Full continuous labor support

  • (4) 4hr postpartum visits (Days 3, 7, 14 & 21)*

  • Postpartum Belly Binding

  • Essential Oil Starter Kit

  • Nature Sunshine prenatal bundle

  • TENS Unit/ Exercise Ball Rental

  • Blessingway

  • (2) 60min prenatal massages

  • Sealing Ceremony (Day 40)

  • Phone, Text, and Email support as needed up to 8 weeks postpartum

*Postpartum visits are not set in stone, days are listed to give client an idea of the PV included with their package. If you are seeking more Postpartum care, at your consultation please be sure to discuss with us our postpartum doula rates.


The Visits

  • Prenatal Visits: Each prenatal visit will be utilized for in depth discussions on various comfort measures, coping techniques, to identify any physical and emotional needs, and to build upon the doula/client relationship. The visits are relaxing, informative, and fun. During the prenatal visits you will share your vision of your ideal birth with your doula and together you will create a birth plan that keeps your vision centered. The goal is to establish successful practices that will allow you to remain comfortable and confident during your labor. In person prenatal visits occur at your home and last 2 hours.

    • 1st prenatal visit takes place in the first trimester (0-13 weeks) of pregnancy. Visit consists of reviewing intake forms, nutritional support to increase the health of you and baby, resource binder for all your maternal needs and family network if needed.

    • 2nd prenatal visit takes place in the 2nd trimester (14-27 weeks) of pregnancy. Visit consists of creating your birth plan, discussing any fears/concerns that you may have developed and emotional support activities.

    • 3rd prenatal visit takes place in the 3rd trimester (28-42 weeks) of pregnancy. Visit consists of introducing you (and your partner) to your back-up doula and later showing your partner how to support you during labor using comfort measures (massage, optimizing positions).

    • 4th prenatal also takes place in the 3rd trimester however this prenatal is done virtually (via FaceTime, Skype, Messenger, etc…); we’ll discuss breastfeeding and lactation, newborn care plan and postpartum care plan.

    • Your doula may schedule a 5th meeting only to attend one of your Dr./Midwife appt. *She may also provide physical & emotional support when a loved one can't accompany you to an OB/ Midwifery appt along with physical & emotional support during a prenatal test/ procedure.

  • Full Labor Support: Once you are in labor contact your doula and she will be available to you within 2hrs. She will meet you at your choice of place to labor and provide comfort measures, boost your confidence, be a part of your birth team and will support you until baby arrives and 2hrs postpartum in which she will assist with baby’s first latch. *Couples wishing to labor alone should contact their doula making her aware of start of labor and then contact her immediately once active labor starts in which she will promptly head to your choice of birth.

  • Postpartum Visits: Postpartum visits are all about making sure that mom, baby, and support team are adjusting well in your new roles. Your doula will assist with breastfeeding tips, scheduling your day, newborn care, breast/peri care, and addressing any questions/concerns that you have. Your doula will also pay special attention to signs of postpartum complications such as high blood pressure, excessive swelling, or postpartum blues and/or depression. The goal is to be an extra set of eyes in between your visits with your healthcare provider and make referrals or recommendations as necessary. Postpartum visits occur in your home and last 2-6 hours.

*Questions about any other form of doula support (e.g. preconception (fertility doula would fall under womb wellness), abortion, bereavement, adoption, surrogate, menopause, etc…) please contact us, so that we may support you or help lead you in the proper direction.


What’s a Postpartum Doula?

The postpartum period, the weeks and months after the baby is born, is a powerful, sacred, and transformative period in which the woman begins to define herself as a mother. The woman and her partner have entered the bonding period, a time that should be characterized by minimal interruption. Historically, the postpartum period was a time where the new mother was secluded from the community and cared for by the village women. The new mother, being honored by the Village Sisters, is able to radiate beauty and become initiated into motherhood, respecting it as a divine rite of passage. If a mother is unsupported during her postpartum period, she risks feeling overwhelmed, stressed, insecure, and depressed. We strive to support every woman, and create a sense of community for her during this sacred time in her life. 


Covered within all postpartum care packages are the following services:

  • Breastfeeding, pumping, returning to work and bottle nursing education 

  • Infant care education (including bathing, feeding, and safety education) 

  • Safe sleep and co-sleeping education 

  • Babywearing information 

  • Light food preparation 

  • Light housework

  • Nutrition guidance for breastfeeding

  • Simple errand runs

  • Providing referrals for local resources

Postpartum Package Options:

Womb Love

  • 6 hours of postpartum support the day you return home from the hospital or birth center, or same-day services after your home-birth. Your postpartum doula will arrive ready to assist you (and your partner) in settling in to your new roles. Your doula will also help you put together a Care Plan for the remaining weeks.

Peace Moon

  • (2) 4hr day shifts, 1 overnight (10pm-6am)
    Your postpartum doula will arrive ready to assist you (and your partner) with all things related to feeding, newborn and family care. She can make a nutritious meal for the family, assist and educate on the basics of newborn care, and provide the new mother with support. Your doula will also help you put together a Care Plan for the remaining weeks. When you (and your partner) are in need of good nights rest, your doula will come to care for your baby during the night, leaving a peaceful mother (and partner), much more rested in the morning.

Rise and Shine

  • (3, 5, or 7 days a for 2 weeks) 3hr daytime shifts during baby's first two weeks home.
    Your postpartum doula will come to your home during the first two weeks to offer guidance and support with breast and/or bottle-feeding; newborn care education; bathing and cord care; diapering; calming and soothing techniques; circumcision care; and swaddling, as well as healing therapies for mom.


  • 5 overnight shifts from 9pm-5am or 10pm-6am.
    Your postpartum doula arrives ready to take over the nighttime care of your baby. She will bottle feed or bring baby to you for breastfeeding. While you get some much needed rest, she will diaper, cradle and soothe baby back to sleep. As time permits, she will tidy up baby’s sleep area, put a load of clothes in the washer, and/or washes bottles quietly while baby sleeps. The next morning, if you desire, you wake up to a nutritious snack or lite breakfast.

*Overnight start and finish time can be adjusted.


Gentle Hands (C-Section Moms)

  • For mothers having a planned or unplanned cesarean birth experience, more support is often needed. Your doula will meet with you once prenatally to help you develop a birth plan, to ensure a more satisfying and positive birth experience. She will be present at the hospital the day of the birth, answering any questions, easing tensions, assisting with breastfeeding initiation, and offering any additional support to make for a smoother recovery. Once you arrive at home, your doula will come for 4 hours to help you settle in. She will also help you put together a Care Plan for the remaining weeks. 

Hourly Fee for Services:

  • $25 per hour for daytime support and $35 for overnight hours for one child. $35 per hour for daytime support and $45 per hour for overnight hours for multiples.
    Flexible payment options are available. FSA and HSA are accepted.

Please take a few minutes to explore all of the support options we have to offer at Sacred House of Eden. If you have any questions about our services, feel free to contact us.

What areas are serviced?

S.H.E Doulas attend births in homes, birth centers, and hospitals in Nashville and most surrounding areas. We also offer traveling doulas; please inquire to see if we provide service to your area. 

Are S.H.E Doulas available for my due date?

Please contact us to inquire about availability during your birthing time. Even if it’s last minute, we may still be able to help you have the birth you desire. 

We are always available for returning clients!  We are currently accepting clients with due dates in February 2019 and beyond. 

Because attending your birth is important, our doulas carefully balance on-call periods. Unless a personal/family emergency arises, you can count on your doula to be with you for your labor and birth. In those rare situations when she cannot attend, a back-up doula will be available.

Additional/Important Info:

  1. Consultations are $25

  2. Ask about our flexible payment options. FSA and HSA are accepted. Final payment must be received by the end of the 36th week of pregnancy.

  3. After signing contract and returning it with your deposit (all packages require a deposit of 30% or more), a credit of $25(consultation fee) will be applied to your remaining balance.

  4. Payments paid in full at the signing of contract will receive a 10% discount. 

  5. All clients will have access to our lending library.