Ceremony is our living connection to the sacred.

When we feel into the universe we live upon and when we feel the hearts of others we find ourselves in the vibration of a ceremonial experience. This is how you witness the sacred and how you mark the important social, biological and psychological turning points in your daily life.
— Mira Michelle

It is not only that we want to bring about an easy labor, without risking injury to the mother or the child; we must go further. We must understand that childbirth is fundamentally a spiritual, as well as a physical, achievement. . . The birth of a child is the ultimate perfection of human love.
— Dr. Grantly Dick-Read

We offer…



The 2nd initiation of womanhood is birth. Before the incredible and intense experience of giving birth the pregnant mother is blessed in a circle ceremony along with her unborn child. The women gather to honor and support the next step of womanhood. Pregnancy is exciting and you may find that everyone’s new-found concern with your unborn child is very much appreciated. The purpose of this ceremony is to celebrate your rites of passage into motherhood, with the women that are closest to you. While a baby shower is a celebration for the new life that you will bring forth, the Blessingway Ceremony is a celebration for you, as a newborn mother, which is typically performed one month prior to your estimate due date.

Fee: $811

Sealing Ceremony

After the birth of your baby you may find that your role as a mother has been redefined. You may have gotten used to your newborn being in your womb and must now find a way to adjust to them being in your arms. This ceremony will aid in the postpartum healing of the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects as you begin to venture deeper into your role as a mother.

(Sealing Ceremonies are not only for postpartum women, this ceremony can be done for any event that requires a sealing, e.g. Menopause(The last blood gives rise to new power and the positive and timeless role of the wise woman and crone. This ceremony honors this sacred rite of passage and embodies the celebration of wisdom and knowing), Cancer survivors, death of a loved one, ending a journey and starting a new one.)



Sacred Belly Binding


Pregnancy opens and fills the body with life and binding is a ceremony of "sealing" the body in which pregnancy ends and the woman transitions into motherhood. Binding is an ancient art used to aid healing and restore the body to its pre pregnancy state. Along with this tradition we also do a burning ritual where the new mother release things from her spiritual, physical and emotional being; that no longer serves her purpose.

Fee: $311

First Moon

(First Menses)


This ritual not only empowers but it directs the life force into a positive and clear direction. The young woman’s first menses ceremony is of extreme importance to our world. As one of the major first initiations for women we can choose to enlighten this powerful time or to ignore its sacred purpose. It is done with the four directions and elements. Women from the young woman’s family come to celebrate and honor the girl’s ascension into womanhood.


*All ceremonies excluding the Belly Binding can be split into two equal payments.