The knowledge of how to give birth without outside interventions lies deep within each woman. Successful childbirth depends on the acceptance of the process.
— Suzanne Arms
Photos by:    Mike Harris

Photos by: Mike Harris

Our Roots


Provide evidenced based information to pregnant women so they may make informed health decisions regarding their birth experience and overall health. Making sure women are informed about traditional methods as well as modern methods surrounding holistic pregnancy and holistic healing. Our greatest desire is to help reduce maternal and infant mortality by helping women have improved birth outcomes; especially among African-American and other WOC. Ensuring WOC have the opportunity to live long well balanced lives.


That birth is a natural event and shouldn’t be treated as an illness. Our bodies were designed to give birth and when fully supported and prepared our bodies can easily navigate through the process of labor & delivery. It is our duty to make sure she is aware of her options and confident in her choices.

While respecting that every woman comes with ideals about birth that are usually rooted in her culture. We promise to remain respectful and inclusive of every woman's culture and to incorporate her cultural requests if asked.


To create a place where WOC can come together and feel supported no matter what without judgement. Most importantly a place where they can feel safe to share, cry, open up and be honest about their journeys.


Awa Jatta, Founder, C.E.O

Chloe Hawkins, C.O.O

Abijah “Nuru” Hunter, C.S

Ashley Jones-Demba, C.F.O